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“Working with MotherCare provides a rich experience of shared wisdom.”

“I love working at MotherCare because the contact with other doulas enriches and enhances not only my knowledge but also my perspective.”

“I love working with Mothercare because Joan is always there to listen, to share, to suggest resources, and to support … the doulas and the families.”

sharing recipes for healthy foods“We are a diverse group. Some are older women winding down from a career in nursing, and some are young women preparing for a career in midwifery, and others are somewhere in between.”

“Working with MotherCare is THE best. Joan ensures we have the ongoing training, support and resources so we can continue to provide our highest quality of care.”

“I love being with a new family for those four-hour stretches: time enough to sit with the mom during a few feedings, notice what her needs are, and provide that support around feeding, parenting, household management. It’s a labor of love for me to sing a baby to sleep while the mom has a chance to rest without worrying about how the baby is, maybe for the first time since she had the baby.”

one of many of MotherCare's training days“As a doula, it's fulfilling work to feel I’ve been a help; to answer those questions that come up in the back of a worried parent’s mind, or to help with ‘non-baby’ kinds of things, so the family can grow to be more confident and to focus on babying their baby instead of fretting about their uncertainties or getting everything else done.”

“Having a new baby is one of the most intense experiences in life. There is such joy and yet sometimes fear that we aren't doing anything right. Babies don't ever seem to fit the textbook and parents are always questioning their ability to do things right or if this baby is okay. It is so great to be able to come into someone’s home, with this blessed experience happening and to reassure the parents that everything is fine, the baby is healthy and they are doing well.

Boston baby being cared for by a MotherCare doulaI can often see and feel the parents' relief when I come in with this simple support. I certainly wish I had had this kind of support when my babies were born—I know it would have made those early times much much better!”

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