Why MotherCare

Our MotherCare families
have been praising the quality
of their experiences
with us for over 25 years

a MotherCare doula works with a Boston mother and her new baby

Quality Assurance is maintained through ongoing communication with the doula and you, in addition to a formal feedback process.

Why MotherCare?

  • diversity of doulas enhances our ability to determine the best doula for you
  • the option of using one doula for the advantages of continuity, or more than one doula to benefit from their different skills and personalities
  • educational opportunities ensure doulas remain informed about current advances in the field
  • alternate doulas available in the rare situation your doula is unable to come


The care our doulas take in honoring the diversity of lifestyles, needs, and interests is reflected in the quality of attention and individual responsiveness we give to you and your family…

Family Constellations

  • family constallations are vitalsingle parent
  • blended
  • multi-generational
  • adoption
  • LGBT

Cultural & Religious Practices

  • circumcision
  • cultural and religious practices are honored by MotherCare doulaskosher cooking
  • ethnic culinary menus
  • culturally sensitive dress

Health & Environmental Awareness

  • allergies
  • recycling
  • dietary practices
  • food additives and preservatives
  • cleaning agents
  • environmental toxins

Pregnancy & Birth

  • family harmony is of utmost importancebed rest
  • premature birth
  • caesarean birth
  • vaginal birth after cesarean
  • multiple births
  • special medical needs

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