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A Passion for Service

I have always had a passion for serving people, and have done so in many ways throughout my life. Becoming a doula was a natural step for me, providing a direct way to educate and support women and their partners by creating a safe and loving environment. Since my personal experience as a mom has been an incredible journey, and observing how every woman’s transition into motherhood is unique, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to support our MotherCare families during such an amazing time in their lives.

Doula for Life

”Doulaing” was an integral part of my life even before I knew the meaning of the word. My connection began 25 years ago while “giving birth” to the Watertown Recycling Center, elevating the region’s environmental awareness with the creation of one of its first recycling programs. My love for people working together creatively continued with my next project with Cor Associates’ Music Seminars. I produced communication and personal development courses, addressing creativity, communication, productivity, and conflict resolution through music. At that time I also began exploring the healing art of food preparation, vital nutrition, and healthful living.

The Joy of Eating Deliberately

That led me to my other passion and joy—deliberately eating, growing, and harvesting food produced in the place and community where we live. I had the pleasure of being a student of Michio and Aveline Kushi, founders of Macrobiotics. I would bring my newborn son, Ansel, to class where we were surrounded by smiling serene babies in the community. I saw a supportive and nurturing network of people cradling these new mothers and supporting them as they transitioned into motherhood.

Healthier and Smoother Beginnings

I recognized and realized that when I became a new mom myself, I had been living far away from my own relatives and neighborhood. There was no one standing by to pitch in to ease the adjustment. My baby’s needs were challenging and, as many have realized, having a baby was not at all what I expected and not as easy as it appeared to be. The profound need for families with newborns to experience this time as joyful and stress-free became readily apparent. This inspired me to dream about bringing healthier and smoother beginnings to new and growing families.

Nurturing the Whole Family

I decided I wanted to provide for others the kind and quality of care that one’s own family and community could provide—if they were nearby. I wanted an experienced and sympathetic ear for the mother’s questions, concerns, and feelings. I wanted to ensure a non-judgmental, comforting, calming presence, enabling and encouraging the new mother to focus her energy on bonding with her new baby. At the same time I wanted to reassure and validate the mother’s intuitive ability to be a nurturing, confident, and competent parent .

MotherCare Serving Families

I met Valerie Spain, a midwifery assistant, and another journey began with the birth of MotherCare Services, Inc. We followed our ”doula path” of recruiting and training the “best-of-the-best” postpartum doulas. One by one the doulas joined, and continue to join MotherCare Services, each bringing her unique skills and gifts.

Now, almost thirty years later, I continue to be heartened every day by the work we do and the community of doulas with whom I work. We continue to joyfully serve families with love, trust, passion, resiliency, and authenticity along the sacred path into parenthood. Thank you for letting us into your lives during this remarkable time. We are honored and blessed.

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