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Many hospitals and birthing centers have postpartum and breast-feeding support for mothers and infants, discussion groups for fathers and mothers, etc. Call your local hospital or birthing center in your area for information. These programs are generally available to anyone in the community.

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Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow ~~ www.healthytomorrow.org
A broad coalition in Massachusetts working to pass laws and policies that prevent harm to our children’s health from toxic chemicals.

Boston baby being cared for by a MotherCare doulaBirthready ~~ www.birthready.com
Calm and consistent guidance before, during and after childbirth. Prenatal classes, labor support, home visits for breastfeeding guidance.

Center for Early Relationship Support ~~ www.jfcsboston.org
A center for direct services, training, supervision, and consultation focusing on the earliest infant-parent relationship, postpartum adjustment, mother-infant relationship, intergenerational support, feeding/sleeping, post adoption, motherless mothers, pregnancy loss.

Deborah Issokson ~~ www.Reproheart.com
Licensed psychologist and noted speaker, focusing on such issues as pregnancy and birth loss, anxiety and depression during pregnancy, fears and phobias about giving birth, and postpartum adjustment.

Dept. of Public Health ~~ www.mass.gov
A broad coalition in Massachusetts working to pass laws and policies that prevent harm to our children’s health from toxic chemicals.

First Connections ~~ www.firstconnections.org
Community based services for families with children, birth through age five.

baby is cozy and sleepingHealthy Mothers,Healthy Babies Coalition of Massachusetts ~~ www.hmhbma.org
A statewide organization committed to promoting the health and well-being of women, children and families throughout the Commonwealth through advocating for equal access to quality health care, the elimination of health disparities, and an appreciation of diversity. HMHB is a collective voice facilitating change through educational initiatives and collaborative partnerships.

Heather Becton, LMT ~~ 828-545-4699
Specializing in prenatal and postpartum massage, and cranialsacral therapy. Home and office visits.

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) ~~

Nonprofit organization whose mission it is to improve maternal health by offering education regarding Cesarean and/or Vaginal Births.

ISIS ~~ www.isisparenting.com
Wide variety of prenatal and postpartum groups and classes, also a source for baby and mom’s clothing and products.

Jeanne Watson Driscoll, PhD, APRN, BC ~~ 781-431-8861
Provides psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy for women who experience mood and /or anxiety disorders through the childbearing years.

Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles ~~ www.keepingpace.org
A non-profit support network for families and families-to-be of multiple birth children with a store offering Infant's and Children's Clothing, Accessories & Equipment Sizes Preemie to 18 juniors.

Lois Freedman ~~ www.loisfreedman.net
Counseling women during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood discussing loss, trauma, anxiety, infertility, miscarriage, cesarean and VBAC, and Circle of Women Workshops.

Mothers and Company ~~ www.mothersandcompany.com
Comprehensive, evidence-based education, postpartum support, and quality products to childbearing families in Central Massachusetts addressing the full circle of maternity and early parenting in a way that encourages the natural process, informed decision making, and informed purchasing.

Motherwear ~~ www.motherwear.com
Catalog exclusively for nursing moms providing breastfeeding information and offering quality, mother-tested clothing and products.

Postpartum Support International-Mass. ~~ www.postpartum.org
Counseling and support groups for women who are experiencing distress such as isolation, depression, anxiety, fearful thoughts, insomnia, trauma, and other difficulties during pregnancy or postpartum.

Triplets, Moms and More ~~ www.tripletsmomsandmore.org
A support group for families and families-to-be of triplets, quads and more, providing compassionate, psychosocial support, as well as educational information

Freedman Center for Child & Family Development ~~ www.mspp.edu/community/freedman-center/
A centralized source of comprehensive information supporting parents by connecting them to each other and to resources in their communities.

Lactation and Breastfeeding Support:

MotherCare Services offers lactation supportLaLeche League of MA/RI/VT ~~ www.llleus.org
A non-profit non-sectarian organization dedicated to providing support, encouragement, information, and education to women who are considering or choose to breastfeed.

Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition ~~ www.massbfc.org
An alliance of organizations and individuals involved in maternal/child health whose purpose is to promote, protect and support breast-feeding as the cultural norm for infant feeding in Massachusetts.

Nursing Mother’s Council ~~ www.bace-nmc.org
Offers support and practical information to women in Massachusetts who wish to breastfeed their babies.

ZipMilk ~~ www.zipmilk.org
A community service of the Masachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition, providing listings for breastfeeding resources based on ZIP Code.

Lactation and Breastfeeding Support Consultants:

Terry Anthony IBCLC, RLC ~~ 781-454-9949 ~~

Lucia Jenkins RN, IBCLC, RLC ~~ 781-507-1980

Lactation Care, Inc. ~~ www.lactationcare.com

MotherCare Services offers breastfeeding supportLactation Consultant Collaborative:
Susan Davis, Kathleen Kerr, Gail Levy ~~

Debbie Page, RN, Lactation Consultant ~~ www.thenewbornbaby.com

Elizabeth Sargent, IBCLC Lactation Consultant ~~

Robin Snyder-Drummond, CCE, CD (DONA), IMCLC Consultant ~~ www.birthready.com

MIchele Weisberg, RN, IBCLC ~~ 781-861-6652 ~~

Additional resources on lactation, healthier living, and other topics of interest are available from Joan at MotherCare or you can also speak with your MotherCare Doula.

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